Its Easter, Spring Break, Warmer
weather and gardening.....  Ahhh its so
good to be in the Sun....          
The garden is ready
for us to plant again
this year....  
MMMmmmmm  quiet time.....

Do I need to say more?
                = )
Yes it gets messy,  
but its great fun !

This adventure was
the imaginary car
trip to Montana.....  
Nobody knew why
they were going to
Montana but thats
where they packed
up for...
Another blank bulletin
board to fill this
month....  I love watching
the children's
accomplishments each
new day.  They all grow
too fast!
We have 4 pair of bald eagles nesting in the nearby trees this
year,  we are enjoying them soar above very much..
I myself had never seen them do a roll until just this month....
To all you great children