This was Mothers Day...  
I enjoyed my children,
my grandchildren and my
garden... which is my
favorite summer time
chore! Tilling, Weeding
and Watch it grow!!!
Grab the shotgun gramma,
they are growing up too fast.
Beth in the garden in June
Beth in the garden in July &
she looks so small, and all it took
was patience and a green thumb!
School Pictures
Elizabeth Abigail Pierce
September 2006/7yrs old
My son Zach (28)
My D-I-L Kris
& GS Zane (1)
Ariel (15)
Arella (13)
My girls on grandpa's
boat... they are going
to be boating nuts
like thier mom !!!
Arella Zanette Pierce
2006/13yrs old
Ariel Shiri Pierce
September 2006/ 15