Hooray, Hooray,  The first of May -
The sun is out,  we're off to play...
We started our garden
We Learned...
We talked about how some places need to
bring in water for their plants,  and we
made an irrigation ditch during that
wonderful week of warmth.
We Played....
We watched as things grew....
And grew some more, boy
are they proud of those
veggies they helped plant!....
We are now learning how
to pull chick weed which I
seem to grow easily and in
We cant forget mothers day! Ya gotta love those Moms....
We talked about the city and the country, got our last piece of
the alphabet, read the stories about farms and talked a lot about
baby animals and then we got to see the new puppies! ..
Then.... We Played some more....
And when it wasn't so
nice we colored the
GIANT doodle.... It
turned out really good
with all of those
hands joining in!!!  ----->