Yes, it really did have an axe stuck into
the door for a handle....  And you can
see how dark it was before It started
its metamorphoses.
In the beginning...

We had to do a lot to remodel a 20x30
shop....  It was dark plywood and NO
windows.....  Now were wonderful and
well lit with 5 windows, 2 windowed
doors, painted, dry walled and with good
lighting.....   What a difference !
.....This field became our playground  -- >

That 2 year old girl somehow became   .
a seven year old girl also, and I am still
wondering how that happened so fast!
<----  And That
( I have no idea why I took this pic but it
sure works for the before and after ! )
( Much Better in the after picture,  I
especially like the lack of buttercups. )
.... This  ....
2006 2007
School Year
05-06 School
I have posted all of the newest
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updated constantly, on the
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The older pictures are below...
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